7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference in Your Life

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference in Your Life

It seems the older I get the faster life goes by. I remember being a child and it seems like forever before summer vacation or Christmas arrives.  I can’t believe it’s already November 1st. Earlier this year I learned the importance of living life to the fullest.  I lost my mother and although it was and still is painful, it taught me that life is short and you need to follow you passions and do those things that really make your heart sing.

At the time of my mother’s passing, I was working around the clock in a business that I really didn’t enjoy. I was overweight, unhealthy and extremely unhappy. Unfortunately, it took a drastic event such as this for me to take a long hard look at my life. It was from that day that I decided to no longer put off doing the things that I love (blogging being one of them).

So I took those hesitant steps to change my life.  And I did and wow did it change. I want to share with you the 7 things I did to bring me more happiness and peace and as a result it changed my life completed.

1. Daily Meditation

I used to be one of those people who thought meditation was only monks. And actually the first time I did it, I felt a little weird. BUT I quickly began to see the enormous benefits to meditations. Meditation helped me release my stress and worries.  I also helped to calm my breathing which in turn reduced my high blood pressure (yea, I have been on medication for high blood pressure since I was 17.  But not anymore, baby!) and eliminate the stress induced headaches which were a constant occurrence.  It also gave me a work to work through difficult situations and help to get inspiration on new projects.

Now that I meditation daily, I can really tell if I skip a day. I schedule time in my calendar every morning for a 10 minute meditation. You can learn more about meditation from my article Benefits of Meditation.

2. Journaling

I used to think that journaling was to be a way of sharing my feelings – like when I had a diary as a kid. I soon came to see the real value of journaling.  I have my journal with me during my meditation and whenever I get an idea or a thought, I write it down in the journal. Sometimes the thoughts are things that I need to improve my health such as that I need to eat better or spend more time outdoors. Or often I will get ideas such as the one that I got that I needed to start blogging again.

By writing these thoughts and ideas down in a journal, you can look back and what you’ve written in the past.  I recently looked back in my old journals and was surprised to see all the consistent idea to start blogging again – which I chose to ignore way too long.

3. Do What Makes You Happy

I had the mindset that when a certain situation would happen, then I would be have time to do more of the things that I enjoyed. For example, I would think, “when my business makes $X, then I will be able to spend more time with the family, craft more or go to the beach.”. What happened was 5 years later, I’m was still waiting for the $X dollars to roll in,

Don’t put off doing the things that make you happy, the things you enjoy waiting for something. Don’t let your happiness hinge on the outcome of something else. Because a miraculous thing happened.  When I decided that I was going to do all of the things that I enjoyed, my business started doing better. In fact, it almost doubled. Because I realized the value of making time to do the things I love, I hired people to help with my business so I would loss any precious time. And the business still continued to do well.

Now, I spend time crafting, I do things with the kids and I am to do what I love most of all which is blogging. Just thinking about how my life changed for the better and how quickly that change came about brings tears to my eyes. I’m so much happier today because I take time everyday to do what makes ME happy.

4. Positive Mindset

I am a positive person by nature. However, it’s easy to sucked into negative thinking. But if you started each day on a positive note, you will find that the rest of your day will go rather smoothly.  And if something bad were to happen (i.e., an argument with a coworker or someone’s car cuts you off) you are more easily able to let it roll off your back.

Every morning before you get out of bed, think of something positive. Perhaps in a memory or something you are looking forward to doing that day.  Whatever it is, just keep that thought in your mind for a few minutes and allow yourself to feel good about it.  Then when you’re ready, you can get out of bed and start your day.

5. Daydream

I’ve always been a daydreamers. I remember coming home from highschool and lying on my bed and daydreaming about the cute boy at school or the group I was hoping to get into. By focusing our thoughts on the things we want, it gives up hope and it just feels good.

What I found interesting is the things I would daydream about would often times comes true.

6. Me Time

This one goes right back to doing those things that make you happy.  As a wife, mother and entrepreneur, I was giving my time to everyone but myself. During my “awakening”, I soon realized the importance of making time for myself. Whether it was crafting, exercising, reading or just sitting quietly outdoors. Again, I scheduled this time in my calendar but it is more important than anything else I do.

7. Be Happy

While saying, “Be happy” is somewhat broad, it is the key to changing your life for the better. And all of the previous things listed above will lead to bringing more happiness into your life. And it is at that moment that you’ve realized that you’ve changed. You are now honoring yourself and by doing that you are giving the best of yourself to all of those around you.

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  1. ReplyTita Nieves

    Hi Cindy,

    I love the simplicity of this article and the great ideas, some that I already do, yet it is good for me to be reminded of how special they are 🙂 and to do the ones I have not done in a while!


  2. ReplyTamar

    These are great tips on improving your day to day happiness! I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. I can imagine how painful that was. I’m sure your mom would be proud of you for making these changes and consciously bettering your life. 🙂

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