8 Energy Boosters To Beat Menopause Fatigue

8 Energy Boosters To Beat Menopause Fatigue

Like many animals, human beings undergo through various cycles and transitions throughout their lifespan. Life starts at conception through to death. Before dying, one undergoes through several transitions and events in their lifespan. In most women, menopause is bound to occur after twelve months of the last menstrual cycle marking the end of the childbearing age. Although in most women menopause is bound to kick in their late 40s, there is no specific age that marks the normal beginning of menopause.

Menopause is a biological process that is bound to occur naturally in almost all women. Most women fear to reach menopause because they link menopause with the end of the fertile period and can lead to negative sexual impacts in their lives. Though menopause marks the end of fertility, if it happens naturally women can remain healthy, sexual and vital. Also, there are positive side effects of menopause such as it a serves as a natural birth control. Some of the negative effects of menopause include emotional imbalance that may often disrupt sleep. Since the woman is still active, she needs to observe her diet, to boost her energy levels to meet her daily energy requirements.

Exercise daily

To generate more energy during menopause ensure you aim for at least fifty minutes of exercise on daily basis. Although most women find it difficult to exercise while feeling week, exercise is the key to boosting your energy levels. When you are not feeling good, exercise helps in producing the feel-good hormones and giving you the energy you seriously need. Exercising in the morning is more effective than exercising close to bedtime. Ensure you pick an exercise that best works for you and set goals to beat on a daily basis to maximise the effects of exercise.

Cup of caffeine and alcohol consumption

Caffeine and alcohol consumption are among the major drinks that reduce the body’s energy levels. Also, if consumed in the evening right before getting to bed significantly interrupts your sleep hours. Although they give you an immediate rush when consumed, you end up with a drained feeling than ever before after they wear off. The nicotine contained in tobacco can also produce the same effects; therefore, it is always advisable to quit smoking once you reach menopause. The body produces and preserves more energy without artificial stimulants.

Limit food portions

It is very crucial always to observe your weight while menopause because being overweight while menopause makes you feel sluggish. You should engage in healthy eating habits that include eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet is said to contain vegetables, fruits and whole grains that are in rich in protein and low in fats. You should ensure you limit the number of fats you eat because fat contributes to increased body fat percentage. Eat small, frequent and nutritious meals on daily a basis.

Embrace relaxation

During menopause, taking the time to engage in your favourite activities can be very important for your health and reducing menopause fatigue. At this time, you can effectively pamper yourself by taking quality time for yourself. One major cause of fatigue during menopause is stress and anxiety. Relaxation is the key to dealing with the stress and anxiety associated with menopause.

Get quality sleep

Some of the symptoms of menopause that can keep you up at night include night sweats and hot flashes. A good and quality sleep during menopause is critical to ensuring you are not overly tired during the day. To ensure you get quality sleep during the night, you might try considering making your bedroom cooler than usual. Also, wearing lighter clothes can improve the quality of your sleep.

Stay hydrated

Ensuring you consume healthy foods and drink lots of water you always maintain your body at a nourished state always. Thirst is an involuntary reflex meant to tell you that your body is in need of more fluids. When dehydrated, your body is forced to work harder hence the fatigue.

Don’t overbook

Trying to do too much can lead to a feeling of fatigue. Knowing your limits, learning to say no and establishing what you can’t accomplish in a day are very important in preventing fatigue. Also, setting reasonable limits makes you less stressed all through the day.

Try herbal remedies

Most women go for the medical menopause supplements, but some herbal remedies can produce better and more effective results. Black cohosh and valerian are some of the best herbal remedies that can help you in dealing with menopause symptoms that can cause anxiety and fatigue during menopause. You should keep in mind that one product may not necessary produce same results among all individuals so pick a product that works best for you.

Menopause and Body Changes – What You Need to Know

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Most women experience bothersome symptoms during menopause. As the woman’s body adjusts to the new chemistry, Fatigue is a major complaint in early stages of menopause. Although the lack of energy in the body can be caused by many medical factors, you should always ensure you engage in activities that improve your energy levels. Your body is in dire need of energy to get through with your daily activities and deal with menopause fatigue. Activities that improve your body energy levels include eating healthy foods, engaging in routine workouts and having quality sleep.



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