Add a Splash of Color to Your Home

Add a Splash of Color to Your Home

Little things make a big difference. In fact, something as simple as a cheerful photo or a splash of color can change your perspective. During the winter months it can be difficult to think positively. Try these simple tricks to lighten the mood.


Color has been proven to affect mood. Cheerful colors like yellow, orange and purple can make you smile. Soft blues and greens can instill a sense of calm. You don’t have to go wild and paint your entire home. Simply paint a wall or two in your favorite room.

Add Flowers

Flowers brighten any room and mood. Add a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers to a table. Make sure you can see them when you enter the room. Daisies and bouquets of mixed flowers are generally inexpensive and can last a long time on your table. Consider joining a flower of the month club so this delightful splash of color comes to you on a monthly basis.


Add throw pillows or an area rug to add color to a room. Many people change their home’s décor to compliment the season. You can add some brightly-colored items during the winter months to add cheer to your home. Find colors that make you smile and feel good. A little bit of cheer can go a long way during the gray winter days.


Consider candles. They provide more than aroma and light therapy. They come in every size, color and shape imaginable. You can add whimsy to your home, sophistication, or a modern edge – all while also adding color. Candles can brighten a room and your day. Look for candles that come in invigorating citrus scents and bright colors.

Photos, Paintings and Decorations

Find images that make you feel good. Choose colorful pictures to hang on your wall. It can be anything from a photo of a loved one or a piece of modern art. The key is to choose something that’s colorful and makes you smile. Consider creating a collage of family photos and mounting them on a colorful background. You can frame this with a store-bought frame and have instant cheer and happy memories.

Sometimes a person needs a little extra help to beat the winter blues. Simply changing your environment and brightening your home can help. Make your home a place that makes you smile. Surround yourself with color and cheer.

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  1. ReplyChel

    Love the ideas given. I usually stay away from flowers and plants only because I tend to forget about them and they die easily, but I am totally willing to rethink that if they can lighten up my home this fall. Thanks!

  2. ReplyKim

    Great, simple ideas! We live in a very old (over 120 yrs) home, and there are only so many things you can do to make it “un” old. We have enjoyed updating it with paint and period accessories (an antique dresser, swapped out knobs for doors, etc). We also have got a lot of mileage out of a nicer area rug over painted hardwood floors – much less expensive than wall-to-wall, and easier to switch out if we want to change the style later. Blessings to you!

  3. ReplyDonna Ward

    Yes these are great reminders and ideas – thank you! My hubby is a paint contractor and my first biz was helping others with their accessorizing – it can be fun and rewarding – and so creative 🙂 Thank you!

  4. ReplyJim Bauer

    Sometimes my wife chastises me for having the house a little too “clinical,” especially when it comes to paint colors on the walls. I prefer a simple white actually. But I like the idea of adding color in other ways, and try to do that as often as possible. Great article.

  5. ReplyPatti O

    Great tips especially for apartment dwellers! who often are not allowed to make structural changes!
    I am looking for a new comforter and pillows to perk up my colors now!

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