Letting the Creativity Flow

Letting the Creativity Flow

As a way of keeping myself accountable, I’ve decided to create a weekly post on the different projects I worked on during the week. Making time to be creative is good for my soul and extremely beneficial in reducing stress.

So here it goes!

This week I dabbled in a few different mediums. I don’t claim to be an artist (so be gentle) but I love being creative.

Inspiration Board

For this project, I felt like making a collage.  I started out by ripping pictures and phrases out of magazines. I didn’t put too much thought into it.  Once I felt like I had enough images, I then started to gluing them onto a piece of poster board. I was very pleased at how it all came together. The messages are very inspiring and photos of nature are just beautiful.

2015-11-03 13.14.30_resized


Art Journal

I saw at a friend’s art studio that you can re-purpose books you longer want or need. I happen to have a novel that I no longer wanted so I decided to use that.

I started by painting the cover.  I then glued on a piece of scrapbook paper and finished it with a inspirational message sticker.



I then glued 3 pages together to create a thicker more supportive medium and then proceeded to paint and draw whatever came to mind.  Here are my creations:





There you have it…my creativity for the week.  Let’s see what next week brings.  I’m really itching to sew something!

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  1. ReplyRose

    I have a kids atc group and have been on a hiatus for an adult group. I’m going to be picking back up on that. I also plan to do 3 DIY projects this month.

    1. Author
      ReplyCindy Buccieri

      That’s great, Rose! Making time to be creative is extremely important to creating a balanced life. It’s a good outlet for me to express myself. Good luck with your projects.

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