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The Power of Positive Thinking


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Positive thinking is a process by which we create thoughts that are focused and manifested by us to push forth energy out to become  reality.  When you think of a positive thought you do what is needed to make that thought become your reality; positivity benefits both the self and others in kind.  In order to really understand positivity and its effects, we have to understand how the mind works.  By getting a grasp on how the unconscious and conscious mind work, together in relation to ourselves, helps show us how to manifest positivity in our lives.


The Power of the Word and Positive Thinking
The Power of Thoughts and the Mind
Things You Can Do to Change Your Negative Mindset
Make a Conscious Effort to Incorporate Positivity Through the Law of Attraction
Positivity When Abused
How Positivity Affects One’s State Of Health
Positivity and Creative Visualization
Staying Positive Under Adversity
The Power of Affirmations
Meditation and Positivity
Achieving Your Dreams and Goals

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