Stress Buster #3: Take Some Personal Time Every Day

Stress Buster #3: Take Some Personal Time Every Day

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” ~ Marvin Cohen

If you approach your day in a go, go, go fashion, then you’re probably killing your productivity. Make yourself more efficient by taking a little bit of personal time each day. When your brain gets a break, it functions a whole lot better when it’s working.

Some ideas for taking time for yourself:

  • Stop to eat your lunch and don’t do anything else. Eat mindfully and enjoy your food and quiet time.
  • Go for a walk. Fresh air is a great rejuvenator.
  • Sit down and relax. Just 15 minutes of taking a load off and doing almost nothing is good for you. Really!
  • Take a bubble bath; give yourself a pedicure or something else you enjoy.

If you can’t seem to find enough time in the day to do these things, then make the changes you need to make it happen because everyone deserves a little bit of time to themselves each day. Ask for your spouse’s support or talk to your children and make it work. Older children can care for younger children. If you only have younger children, set them up with an activity and ask them to give you a little bit of “mommy time.” Tell them that if you can have that bit of time, you will be able to do something they’d like right afterword. Whether it’s going to a playground, playing a game or doing a craft, reward them for letting you reward yourself.

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  1. Replyemilia

    YES!!! It is sooo important! I totally agree and cultivate this rule 😀
    It was extremely hard to do when the kids were small and I was the only one with them during the day, but then in the evening my husband was chipping in and I could drink my coffee/read for a while in peace and quiet, not having to run each time one squeaked 🙂

  2. Replymama lola

    such great tips! i have tried really hard to start walking daily and now i notice how good it feels. it’s not anything special, but it fits my needs and schedule perfectly!
    have a wonderful week! XOXO

  3. ReplyIsabel @ From Cats to Cooking

    Taking some personal time DEFINITELY helps me de-stress. I try to make time for myself to either go to a yoga class or do some type of physical activity such as walking or strength training every day. It’s amazing what a little deep breathing can do to your stress levels.

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