Top 10 Signs You Are His #Bae

Top 10 Signs You Are His #Bae

Your heart pounds out of your chest, your palms are sweating and being speechless are all signs that you’ve fallen hard for a guy.  Then you start to wonder, “Does he feel the same way about me?” Being in a one-sided relationship is the worst. Either you love him too much or he loves you but the feelings aren’t reciprocated.

If you’re in a relationship and aren’t sure if you are his #Bae, here are 10 signs that he’s in to you.

  1. He’ll change his plans to be with you
    A guy who will change his plans or drop whatever he is doing just to be able to spend time with you, is definitely interested.
  2. Let’s you know you’re important
    A guy who is interested in you, will be there for all of your ups and downs and be your cheerleader as well as your shoulder to cry on.
  3. Includes you in his social life
    A guy that only wants to spend time with you in private is a red flag in my book. A guy that is truly interested in you, will want you to meet his friends and family.
  4. Shares his hopes and dreams
    He discusses his future plans for himself and as a couple.
  5. He values your opinion
    He wants to hear your opinion on a variety of topics and represents your viewpoint.
  6. He does things just to make you happy
    This includes going shopping or watching a chick flick. If it makes you happy, he’s all in.
  7. He listens to you
    He wants to hear what you have to say and stays up late talking on the phone is a sign that he really has feelings for you.  This shows he is interested in more than just what goes on behind closed doors.
  8. In sickness and in health
    He is willing to take care of you when you’re sick.
  9. Wants to know everything about you
    He asks lots of questions to learn as much as he can about you.  In other words, he doesn’t talk about himself all of the time.
  10. He’s all in
    He makes an effort to make you happy and expresses his feelings with you.

So if you have a guy that meets some or maybe all of these signs, you’ve got yourself a winner. Do you have a sign that wasn’t listed here? Share below.

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