What Makes a Good Boyfriend

What Makes a Good Boyfriend

As women, we know whats makes a guy a great boyfriend for us. Do you have your list of worthy boyfriend traits? Ashley Paige with Popsugar asked random guys what they thought were the traits that made up a good boyfriend.  You can read her results in her post 32 Traits of a Good Boyfriend (According to Men).

However, I just wanted to mention a few that are also on my great boyfriend list.

  • He’s there for her, even when it’s inconvenient
  • He doesn’t try to change her opinions
  • He gives her space when she needs it
  • He’s affectionate
  • He’s her friend as much as her boyfriend
  • He makes her laugh
  • He loves her wholly

Are any of these on your list too? I’m very affectionate so that’s a biggie for me.  The next one that’s at the top of my list is he has to make me laugh.

So here’s my question…If guys are the ones who provides this list of good boyfriend qualities, do they naturally do them? I believe many of them know that these are the things they SHOULD be doing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they are doing them. 🙁

What’s on your list and does your special someone have those qualities?


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