What’s Holding You Back from Achieving  Success

What’s Holding You Back from Achieving Success

Success means something different to each of us. Success can be linked to the amount of money you earn, the size of the house you live in or the amount of stuff you have.

Often we associate money as the true indicator of success. But when you really think about it, we want more money to fulfill a certain need. My need is freedom.  I declare myself successful when I am able to have the freedom I desire. That means, I can work where ever and whenever I choose, I spend time with the my family and most importantly I spend time with myself.

In my experience, there are typically only a few things that hold people back from achieving success. The good news is that these are things that can be changed.

Can’t Get Out of Your Own Way

This means that for one reason or another you are sabotaging your success.  Either you lack confidence to believe that you deserve to have success or you may believe that you know everything and aren’t open to listening to other suggestions.

All of us are presented with other people’s opinions of what we should be doing. It’s up to us to listen to this advice and then decide if it’s something that is in our best interest. The key is to be open. Have you ever noticed that when you are faced with a question on how to do something, that you may hear something on the radio that spurs an idea or see an ad for a book that contains the answers you’re looking for.

If you aren’t open to receiving this guidance, you may miss it.

Don’t Believe in Yourself

This one is the opposite of not being open to advice. This is the person is who is unable to make a decision on their own. They ask tons of people for advice and then follow that advice to only to be faced with disappointment.  Why? Because it’s not what’s right for them.

All the answers we seek are within us. We just have to listen. I used to think meditation was reserved for monks. However, meditation has been extremely helpful at helping me find answers to my questions. Instead of letting others lead our lives, try asking yourself for advice. You will also know when something is right for you by paying attention to your intuition or that “gut feeling”. If it “feels” right, do it!

Already Self Defeated

Having a negative attitude is a sure fire way to stifle success. Assuming that you won’t close that sales deal or you won’t get that promotion, will more than likely result in that very outcome. This is right along with believing in yourself. If you think that things aren’t going to work out for you, then what motivation do you have to move forward and pursue your dreams?

Passion is that driving force that propels us and gives us the courage to pursue those dreams. If people allowed their self doubt to stop them, we wouldn’t have some of the amazing inventions and companies that we have today. Believe and know that you are a powerful person and who can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Don’t Take Action

Nothing happens unless we take the steps in the right direction to make it happen. If you have a great idea for a business or product, nothing will happen by you sitting on the couch. If you want to improve your health or improve your self confidence, you have to take steps to eat better, exercise or learn how to love yourself.

I have a “dream journal” in which I record things I would like to come into my life. Within the journal along side my dream, I write down the steps that I need to take in order for that dream to become a reality. This may include reading a book, taking a class, eating better, exercising or talking to the right people. Every small step you take will bring you that much closer to achieving your dream.

I frequently meet people who want to start blogging. They have the dream but yet they aren’t taking the steps to achieve it. They have a million excuses as to why they haven’t started. I often hear, “I don’t have time”, “I am not sure how to add photos to a blog post”, or “I don’t know what to write about.”

If it’s something you are passionate about you will find the time and you will find the answers to these questions that are preventing you from moving forward.

I encourage you grab that brass ring that’s in front of you.  Your success is right there for the taking. How do you define success?


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